Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Benthic Macroinvertebrates


I wonder since I started the PhD with regard to research on macroinvertebrate benthic of Penchala River Selangor. Should I share some here? I got some nice pictures ><. but maybe I should just start the new blog. This blog just to crowded with chaotic thought.                      

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

PASW... I'm Going MAD

I'm Thinking of Making a Simple Statistical Tutorial Website... Should I?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Reasoning the Unreasonable~Where Hope Lies n Die

Me and Pakma
People around me come n go like wind. I miss them like breeze, just a feel n then all gone. Forever alone they said, but I will survive this, enduring this, even I have to crawl up n fall down as this what I have choose and what I wanna do.

In this stage I just fake everything. Emotion distorted, feeling faded, smile n laughter just a mere instrument; in the end, non are real. Lack of confident they said, but it just a natural mechanism to preserve what left while the integrity getting crumble. I have more believe in god rather to anyone around me, they seem unimportant since they are temporary, but when HE the one that send those people, I just accept them, they might be my saviour after all.

Its been a while I havent update anything n yet I barely get into my point. I wonder if I have one. I tried to grasp everything in the past, but I realize, they beyond my grasp. That the moment I walk away.

This is not a thesis, not a chapter 4 where result n discussion lies. I dun have to rearrange all the sub topics because non were read. It just burst of emotion even they are fake. I hav no audience neither a target, just a spare time to write n fill n forget.

Life is short n yet I waste it. People said I'm amazing! but is that true?... I seem to know everyone, but I barely know my self. I hate people pitying me,,, what the point? your sympathy could never save me just like comforting a hungry kitten, giving hope and a hope that die with a hope.

~Everyday is like other day, I will walk with them, but my shadow remain single~

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Do what you mean, Mean what you do

Feared not something that I enjoy (picture not belong to me)

I'm not a good looking person, neither rich, stylish, brilliant, well mannered, famous, but I do shine on my own way, at least I'm not borrowing the spotlight from anyone.

I dun have clear objective of my "material life", when I want to get married, what car I wanna drive, where I wanna work and etcetera.

Because I believe no matter hard hard I try to foresee the future, in the end it just a prediction, I just wanna go forward until I stumble upon something interesting.

Life is good,
When you wish for one,
Life is hard,
When you think it is.

Life is boring,
When you stop dreaming,
Life is meaning less,
 When you stop believing.

PS: Dear blogger and Friends, no matter how hard your life, there are others having more difficult life. Live you life to the fullest as long its in the range of your BELIEF and your capabilities. LOVE YOU and wish you the best! GL HF =3

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Makwe / "Girl friend"

(Teknik Photoshop yg hancur)  

Hari ni dalam kereta, mcm biasa aku duduk belakang, my sister driving n father at front sit, my mother beside me...

The car stop at traffic light..... RED

Mom: Ko bila nak bawak kereta?

Me: Suka duduk belakang (a simple answer, I not in mood to talk much)

Everyone: Laughing 

Mom: Ko dah ada makwe blum?

Me: Huh? (this a very rare question), Nop

Mom: You should find one! Many my student already engage or married!

Me: Maybe sometimes

Mom: Why dun you take "A" (better dun reveal the name)

Me: Already belong to somebody

Mom: Because you late...

Me: Not my interest, why you so busy.... you wanna married hah?

Mom: No laa.... Oh, how about that "B"?

Sister: I dun want her! (tetiba sebuk mcm dia nak kahwin)

Me: .............. (better shut my mouth, I will never win btw)

Dulu2 habiskan belajar dulu, jgn gatal2 nak makwe2..... now day... makwe or pakwe just like insurance heh?

Yar, I single, candidate for that "girlfriend"/makwe = nop..... I dun really prefer to 24 7 sms, call.... its boring... i get it through that time already.... instead of love.... actually caring that became love and later became annoying....

Maybe I would found one..... berserah jer kat tuhan..... XD

Friday, September 2, 2011

Now you can earn rewards by sharing through facebook and twitter with #ChurpChurp! How cool is that?

Now you can earn rewards by sharing through facebook and twitter with #ChurpChurp! How cool is that?

 (Picture above copied from http://xes.cx/?m=200907, it giv u some PICTURE of what this stuff)

Sharing something here,

It's an advertisement campaign... first u do not have to frequent update which they already have AUTO UPDATE; How cool is that?.. then you can customize the frequent of the update to be Auto post.. and the most important.. u will get reward for every unique click, which they record or detect by using IP...

Try it.... n it will work very fine for ppl with numerous number of follower XD
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